United Kingdom (December 4, 2012) -- UK-based Fredric Effects has announced two new fuzz pedals: the Super Unpleasant Companion and the I Got Me A Pocket Weasel. Frederic says that the first is a combination of two classic fuzzes, while the second is an "oddball original design fuzzbox with a wah-like EQ." Here are the details from the company:

Super Unpleasant Companion
The Fredric Effects Super Unpleasant Companion is a combined Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz and FY-6 Superfuzz clone in a single enclosure that's exactly the same dimensions as the original Companion Fuzz. Two faithful clones of sought-after harsh silicon fuzzes in a cool original sized and shaped enclosure. The FY-2 is a waspy, buzzy fuzz unlike any other. The FY-6 has two distinct fuzz tones- a crunchy garagey sound and a massive wall-of-fuzz sound. It has some nice octave/ring mod tones in there too.

Watch Frederic Effects' Video Demo:

I Got Me A Pocket Weasel!
The Pocket Weasel is an original fuzzbox with a highly distinctive wah-like tone control. I took the idea of the Harmonic Energizer with added fuzz combo that we build as 'Do the Weasel Stomp' and used a simpler workalike circuit. The frequency range has been broadened so it goes from a deep bass boost to ear-shredding treble, with vocal wah-like sounds in between. A Germanium transistor gain stage has been added to give the fuzz in the Pocket Weasel a rougher edge.

Watch Frederic Effects' Video Demo:

Both pedals are available now. The Super Unpleasant Companion is £140. The Pocket Weasel is £90. They are available direct from the builder and selected shops.

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