Wampler Pedals SLOstortion
Inspired by the sonic characteristics of the classic Soldano SLO-100 head, the Wampler SLOstortion uses two separate, toggle-switched gain settings—Overdrive and Crunch—to create a wide range of distortion colors. The SLOstortion also boasts a newly designed, footswitchable boost circuit, which can be used independently of the distortion. This circuit has its own Boost knob to adjust level. When used with the distortion circuit, the boost follows it to allow solos to cut through the densest mixes. The pedal’s controls are Volume, Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Boost, and it can run on a 9V battery or draw power from a regulated 9V DC, center-pin negative adaptor.

The $219 SLOstortion uses high-grade film capacitors, resistors picked specifically for their sound, and durable jacks and switches. The pedal’s true-bypass switching ensures uncompromised tone when the SLOstortion is not engaged.
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