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GS3 Channel 1: First time around is the clean amp, then Channel 1 engaged with the gain up full but still picking lightly. Without changing any of the settings I add the crunch chords by just playing harder.
Download Example 2
GS3 Channel 2 and both: The solo starts with just Channel 2. On the eighth bar I add Channel 1.
GS3 Dual Overdrive
Many tone experts cascade one overdrive pedal into another rather than use a single high-gain model to achieve maximum distortion. This also gives them three distinct levels of dirt: pedal one, pedal two, and both—in addition to any grit emanating from their amplifiers. The Jetter GS3 makes these three stages of gain available in a single pedal.

The GS3 sports three switches, one for each channel and a master On/Off. This last switch is a great idea as it allows you to choose whether you want Channel 1, 2, or both before you engage the distorted sound, as well as letting you quickly clean up your signal with one stomp of your foot—even if bothchannels are engaged. Channel 1 offers Volume and Gain knobs on top of the pedal, as well as a treble roll-off on the side. Channel 2 features Volume, Tone and Gain controls, all on the top face of the unit. An easy-access battery compartment adorns the right side.

Plugging the Fernandes Strat into Channel 1 and the GS3 into the Tiny Terror set clean, I was immediately blown away by how well that channel emulates the give of a tube amp on the edge of breakup—a sound that eludes most pedals. With the treble roll-off set at full treble, backing off the gain gave a clean boost that was virtually indistinguishable from the original British sound of the Orange head. Rolling the treble off a bit turned it into a lush, more American, clean tone.

Cranking Channel 1’s gain up full provided excellent dynamic breakup that responded to every variation of guitar volume knob or pick pressure like a $3000 boutique amp. My tiny ZT Lunchbox sounds very warm—for a digital amp. Putting the GS3 in front of it removed the last traces of solid-state sterility, and turned it more tube-like.

Moving over to Channel 2, I found a wide range of gain and tone available from the three simple controls. The voicing is more aggressive than Channel 1, and the amount of gain available is considerably more substantial, though not into serious metal territory. Combining the two channels offers an almost infinite variety of distortion sounds from Dumble to Plexi. At every stage of gain from the slightest boost to near the highest grind, the GS3 remains dynamic.

Most distortions color your sound, but the GS3 offers a choice of transparency or many colors, and is one of the most versatile, natural, and flat-out terrific sounding overdrive devices I have ever heard.
Buy if...
you’re looking for two incredibly dynamic overdrive pedals in one box.
Skip if...
your distortion tastes tend toward scooped metal.

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