Ultimate Hendrix
Ever wonder what Mr. Hendrix did on October 25, 1966, or any other day of his legendary career? Ultimate Hendrix is one way to find out—that day was the first documented London performance for the newly formed Jimi Hendrix Experience. The book presents a chronological outline of Hendrix’ career from his army discharge to his death in 1970. Entries for performances and recording sessions contain details about where Hendrix was, which songs were played or worked on and who was in attendance. Author John McDermott compiled this new journal-esque record with help from producer Eddie Kramer and long-time Hendrix friend/bassist Billy Cox.

By combining unreleased interviews with bandmates and studio staff, general dialogue from raw tapes and information from rarely seen photos, Ultimate Hendrix peels back the curtain on a legendary guitarist who created a lot of jaw-dropping material over a short period of time. —CK

List $34.95

Mixing the Hits of Country
Anyone who dives into Dave Martin’s Mixing the Hits of Country quickly learns that a better grasp of the process—its possibilities, limitations and tricks—will change your approach to the mixing board and even the way you play. The 348-page book comes with two discs featuring stand-alone tracks for sound-alike versions of 10 recent country hits by artists like Martina McBride, Brooks and Dunn, George Strait and Rascal Flatts, as well as professional mixes of the same tracks. Essentially, you load the tracks into your preferred DAW and Martin takes you through the process of mixing them using today’s contemporary techniques.

Martin packs a wealth of knowledge about mixing guitars into this contemporary primer that covers every instrument. Regardless of whether or not you dig today’s country music, the songs cover a wide range of stringed instrument sounds and their specific mixing strategies. The prerequisite acoustic, lead, bass, steel and fiddle tracks are there for you to learn with, as well as dobro, mando, banjo, baritone, bouzouki, talk box guitar and more. Actually moving the pots and pans yourself to manage the soundscapes for chart-topping songs involving dozens of tracks is a crash-course in professional mixing that is as addictive as it is educational. —JC

List $59.99