Vancouver BC, Canada(June 15, 2011) -- Radial Engineering Ltd. announces the Radial TankDriver, a 500 series module that enables the user to use the spring reverb in a guitar amplifier and bring this unique effect into a recording system.

Designed to fit both the Radial Workhorse and older API type racks, the TankDriver features a wet dry mix to balance the signal and shimmer and boom controls to add top-end or extra boom to the tone. (We could not resist!). For older reverbs that may be less sensitive, a drive switch increases the output to compensate. For those who are equipped with Workhorse, the Omniport adds a TRS insert point for easy interfacing to a patchbay.

To setup the TankDriver, patch a set of ¼” to RCA cables from the TankDriver's front panel to the reverb unit, adjust the levels and you are set to enjoy the unique ‘twang' that is only possible from a real spring reverb. Changing the length (size) of the reverb further alters the tone. Add some shimmer for extra brightness or boom to add bottom end. Set the wet dry mix and have fun!

The TankDriver will begin shipping at the end of the month. (US List price: $300.)

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