Premier Guitar is on location in Des Moines, Iowa, where PG's Rebecca Dirks talks with Dustie Waring and Paul Waggoner of Between the Buried and Me. In this segment, they discuss how they use both Axe-Fx and traditional amps and pedals in their rigs.

Dustie plays modified PRS Custom 22s built to be lighter weight with obeah wood, and loaded with his signature DiMarzio pickups and a Floyd Rose. Paul plays PRS Custom 24s with Bareknuckle Blackhawk pickups. Both guys tune to C# standard and used custom gauge D'Addario strings: .011, .014, .021 (wound), .032, .044, .056. They use Line 6 Relay G50 digital wireless units.

Amps and Effects
Paul and Dustie's setups are very similar: Fractal Axe-FX Ultras through Mesa/Boogie stereo power amps. Dustie uses a Stereo 2:100, while Paul uses a Simul-Class 2:90. Both have Stereo 2:50 units for backup. The Mesas power two Port City 212 cabs (each) that are running in stereo and have Celestion Vintage 30s.

Dustie controls his Fractal with an MFC-101 and sets his patches based on basic tones. His main "chunk" sound is based on a Mesa/Boogie with an Xotic BB+. His main clean is a Dr. Z and Fender Twin with Reverb and delay, while his clean lead adds in the Xotic BB+.

Paul controls his Fractal with a Rocktron All Access foot controller, but sets his patches up in song mode, with rhythms, leads, and other patches for each song—even using a banjo-sounding patch when necessary.

Both guys use Mission Expression pedals for volume and wah through the Axe-FX, use TC Electronic PolyTune tuners, and employ a Port City Salem boost on their board. Paul's board also has a Wampler Faux Tape Echo and Wampler Levithan.