Total Simplicity Meets Tonal Firepower

With its straightforward design and streamlined controls, Mesa/Boogie’s new Electra-Dyne delivers maximum tone with minimal tweaking. It’s ideal for the guitarist who wants user-friendly navigation while still maintaining as much flexibility as possible. For these players, the Electra-Dyne offers a palette of easy-to-dial-in tones.

Three Modes
At first glance the Electra-Dyne appears to be a simple single channel amp, but behind its sparse front panel you’ll find the power and flexibility of a three channel footswitching amp. The Mode Select mini toggle provides access to three completely separate preamps. They share some of the same tube stages but the signal path changes radically from mode to mode.

The CLEAN mode is based on the classic California “black face” era circuits. Drawing heavily from Mesa/Boogie’s classic Mark I and Mark V, clean mode is perfect for rhythm playing and produces sparkling top end harmonics. The VINTAGE LO mode pays tribute to classic Brit crunch. It brings more gain into the picture and provides a pivotal sweet spot between clean and high gain sounds. Summoning maximum firepower, VINTAGE HI mode pays tribute to high-intensity modified British circuits. These three classic modes can be instantly accessed via the included footswitch.

• 90 watts of power, wide range of tonal flexibility, streamlined controls.
• Three footswitchable modes—Clean, Vintage Lo and Vintage Hi
• Rear panel Bias Select switch allows you to swap the stock quartet of 6L6 power tubes for a EL34 power tubes
• Simul-Class Power switch offers you a choice of 90-watt or 45-watt output.
• All tube reverb with hard bypass option that removes all reverb circuitry, including tube stages, from the signal path.
• You can use reverb in all three modes or you can engage an auto-defeat feature which allows you to use the REVERB on two of the sounds—clean and your choice of lo or hi—so you can keep either your crunch rhythm or lead sound dry while having your clean sound wet.
• ¼" jack on the underside of the chassis for turning reverb on and off with a separate (not included) footswitch.

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