3. Slave Output Jack and Level Control
A SLAVE Output is provided to capture the entire sound (both preamp and power section) of the amplifier so that it can feed an effects rack or additional power amplifiers for big venue applications. This feed is a padded-down version of the signal taken from the SPEAKER Output and does not provide any roll-off of top end or other shaping that would be preferable for using the Electra-Dyne direct into a recording console.

4. Speaker Impedance Selector Switch
SPEAKER IMPEDANCE is selected via this mini toggle and provides for two 8 Ohm or two 4 Ohm jacks. Standard MESA cabinets are either an 8 or 4 Ohm load. To use the ELECTRA-DYNE with 16 Ohm loads, connect them using the 8 Ohm position. When using two 16 Ohm cabinets, also connect them to the 8 Ohm jacks.

5. Bias Select Toggle Switch The Rear Panel
BIAS SELECT allows you to swap the stock quartet of 6L6 for a quartet of brighter sounding EL34 type power tubes. This classic British tube delivers greater accentuation of the upper harmonics and produces a low end this is somewhat stripped of sub-lows and therefore can sound tighter for certain styles. Mesa/Boogie recommends the stock compliment of 6L6 for the greatest versatility and warmth and all three Modes.

6. Footswitch Selector
EXTERNAL SWITCH jacks on the Rear Panel allow control of the Modes from a remote master switching unit and respond to standard ¼" tip-to-ground latching logic. This feature allows for interfacing the Electra-Dyne into a large stage rig where everything is called up remotely under (usually midi) programs in a master switcher.

7. Reverb / Mode Defeat
Mini Toggle Switch With this mini toggle switch you can choose to use reverb in all three Electra-Dyne modes (center “on” position) or you can engage an auto-defeat feature that defeats reverb on either the vintage lo or vintage hi mode. It allows you to use reverb on just two of your sounds— clean and your choice of lo or hi—so you can keep either your crunch rhythm or lead sound dry while having your clean sound wet.

8. Reverb Level
Choose exactly how much of the Electra-Dyne’s rich, all-tube reverb you’d like to add to your guitar tone.

9. Reverb On/Bypass
Mini Toggle Switch Hard bypass option that removes all reverb circuitry, including tube stages, from the signal path.

For more information, visit MesaBoogie.com