San Rafael, CA (August 8, 2012) – StageTrix adds on to their products of the “why didnʼt I think of that” category. The Setting Saver is designed to use to save settings on amps, pedals, rack gear, mixing consoles, and Dj Mixers.

The ink is bright green, and lights up under black light, and can be removed by a firm rub of your finger. The Setting Saver is a marker that should be in every musicianʼs tool box that need to remember the settings of any product with a smooth non porous surface. Donnie Spada, guitar tech with No Doubt, The Offspring and 311, said this about the Setting Saver: “Easy to read, easy to clean, no more pieces of tape or grease pens!”

The StageTrix Setting Saver keeps your gear dialed in.

- Never loose a setting
- Super easy to remove, rubs off with a swipe of your finger
- Doesnʼt damage finish
- Fluorescent green ink lights up under black light
- Precise marking of settings.

The Setting Saver has a MSRP of $5.99 and will be available at StageTrix dealers nationwide.

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