Shelve the John Mayer comparisons. This Australian virtuoso establishes his voice and makes the best album of his career.

Joe Robinson


Australian virtuoso Joe Robinson has firmly established himself as a top-tier Nashville picker, and his new album proves he’s far more than a flashy prodigy. The comparisons to John Mayer are inevitable: catchy songs, soulful vocals, and virtuosic playing. However, Robinson’s ethos outshines whatever category iTunes or Spotify might put him in. He can move easily from straight-up Chet Atkins-style stomp (“Let the Guitar Do the Talkin’”) to infectious pop-rock (“Reputation”) easier than most of us change strings.

Robinson’s songwriting has always revolved around interesting harmonies and impeccably crisp lead playing. His deft, melodic lines on “Mindless” have a focus that will make you want to break out the metronome and get your syncopation together. Robinson has developed into an artist with a fully formed vision of who he is and where he wants to go. It makes me look forward to the album he makes 10 years from now.

Must-hear tracks: “Mindless,” “Reputation,” “Undertone”