Belltone Guitars B1 Classic Demo - Summer Gear Slam 2020

The Miami-based company offers a brand-new model that is customizable with a handful of one-off pickups from TV Jones, Rio Grande, and more.

The new Belltone® Electric Guitar Models 'B-Classic One' and 'B-Classic Two' represent the new Custom-Select System™ customization build platform from Belltone®Guitars. These two models are actually the same model offered in two slightly different variations ... one with a flat top and top edge binding and the other with no binding and body/arm contours. The overall styling is a hybrid based on design inspiration from the early LP and T-Style guitars combined into one guitar. Along with the body shapes ... the neck profile, headstock, and hardware all reflect the Belltone® design perspective and aesthetic. The Custom-Select System™ affords the guitarist to choose from a carefully curated collection of elements such as body color, pickguard color/material, pickups, etc to put their own 'signature' on the look and sound of the guitar. They will be made to order only ... built here in the USA.

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