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Biltworth Debuts the BW-1

Overdrive, delay, and reverb are cascaded in series, with true-bypass switching.

Los Angeles, CA (April 10, 2017) -- The BW-1 effects pedal, the first product by Biltworth, is the ultimate all-in-one tone solution. Overdrive, delay, and reverb effects are cascaded in series, with true-bypass switching offered between every circuit. Featuring nearly unlimited tonal possibilities, the BW-1 is ideal for players looking to significantly shrink their pedal board, take their tone on the road, or simply expand their sonic palette.

Whether you’re a psych rocker sending solos to outer space, a metal shredder kicking an amp into high gear, or a blues player looking to add some grit and depth, the BW-1 takes your sound where it needs to go.


  • Three effects, nine knobs, and four switches—control your tone with exacting precision.
  • True-bypass switching between individual effects, as well as a true-bypass master switch.
  • Our 7.38” x 4.7” enclosure saves valuable space, ideal for backpacks and other small bags.
  • One 9-volt DC input for all three effects, no daisy-chain required.
  • Every unit is assembled by hand in California.

Long before the BW-1 went into production, Biltworth enlisted the services of Doktor Ross Sewage of Impaled and Exhumed to design the graphics for the pedal. The BW-1 has since been making its way through underground music circles. Guitarist Sonny Reinhardt of Saviours and Necrot has taken his BW-1 on several tours across North America and Europe and guitarist Scott Hoffman used his unit on High Spirits’ recent tour of the United Kingdom.

The BW-1 is available for $299.99 - they can be purchased online at

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