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Osiamo introduces Dr J Effect Pedals

September 20, 2013

New York, NY (September 20, 2013) -- Osiamo is proud to introduce the Dr. J effects line of pedals to the US market. Rawn Randall, brand manager, states, “our goal, is to bring reasonable prices to the “Boutique” market. Dr. J pedals offer the famous “Boutique” sound, construction and vibe, at a price any musician can afford.”

The seven pedals in the Dr J line are designed to be musical tools, to help you expand your creativity. All Dr. J pedals feature extremely useful and intuitive controls; no more deciphering cryptic icons and turning knobs that seem to do nothing. Turn the knobs and, easily, find your sound.

Models range from the versatile Green Crystal Overdrive to the classic Shadow Echo and everything in between including the Aerolite Comp, Arsenal Distortion, Planes Walker Fuzz, Soloman Bass Overdrive and the Sparrow Driver and DI. All Dr J pedals feature true bypass switching, rock solid construction, a metal housing and a small footprint. MSRP for the pedals ranges between $125 and $145.

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