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Caroline Guitar Company Releases Olympia Pedal With

Caroline Guitar Company Releases Olympia Pedal With

The first pedal developed with Kickstarter funds, is influenced by ''60s and ''70s "hammer of the gods" fuzz tones.

Columbia, SC (September 7, 2011) - Caroline Guitar Company has announced the production of their second guitar pedal, the Olympia, thanks to the help of, a fundraising website for creative endeavors.

Through, Caroline Guitar Co. introduced their idea for a new fuzz pedal setting an initial goal of $3,000. In just 36 hours, the goal was reached and surpassed with 29 days left to continue raising funds. With the $3,000 goal attained from over 40 backers within the first 2 days of the campaign, Caroline Guitar Co. can begin development of the Olympia.

“We named it Olympia in honor of its '60s & '70s "hammer of the gods" fuzz roots, the sounds and Pacific Northwest setting of the '90s alternative renaissance, and the local neighborhood that is a home to our nascent music and arts scene here in Columbia,” said Philippe Herndon, CEO of Caroline Guitar Company.

The Olympia is Caroline Guitar’s follow-up to their award-winning and acclaimed overdrive pedal, the Wave Cannon. The pledges from this Kickstarter campaign will go towards finalizing circuit layout, getting the initial run of circuit boards tested and refined, completing the first batch of 50 handcrafted fuzzes, delivering the advance purchases to contributors, and then introducing these pedals to retailers.

With, Caroline Guitar Co. was able to introduce their idea in a creative and unusual way for the boutique effect pedal industry and broaden the community of stakeholders in the project to include family and friends. It allows donors to support the project without necessarily purchasing the pedal, see exactly how much interest the project has gained and the company to test the viability of their product.

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