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Chemistry Design Werks Releases the Holeyboard ZigZag Modular Pedalboard

Chemistry Design Werks Releases the Holeyboard ZigZag Modular Pedalboard

A modular pedalboard system that allows you to connect the Zig and Zag boards together, in any way you desire, using the Z-Connector.

St Paul, MN (April 30, 2018) -- Chemistry Design Werks never stops making pedalboards easier to use. With their commitment to making Holeyboard Pedalboards the easiest to use, Chemistry Design Werks proudly introduces their newest Holeyboard, the Holeyboard ZigZag modular pedalboard system.

The Holeyboard ZigZag modular pedalboard system allows you to connect Zig and Zag together, in any way you desire using the Z-Connector. Use Zig alone for six or less pedals plus your power supply. Connect two Zigs together to hold up to 12 and add a Zag (or two) for your wah and volume pedals. Any power supply attaches easily.

The Holeyboard ZigZag was created due to requests for a new pedalboard that would be a good place for someone to start who is just getting into effects pedals, with the ability to grow easily, and/or for the person that highly values compactness, space and weight. Add to that the ability to customize the size and configurations to fit your exact needs now, and down the line. 

The Holeyboard ZigZag uses cable-ties to secure and protect your pedals, they are strong, tight, and fast. They make changing pedals easy so you can focus on being more creative.

It’s constructed of aircraft grade 5052 series aluminum to optimize strength, weight and durability. Beautifully powder coated with a light texture. Built with precision in Minneapolis, MN USA with a lifetime warranty.

The Holeyboard ZigZag highlights include:

  • Modular Design, Zig and Zag can be connected together in many different configurations to give you the layout and capacity you need.
  • Holeyboard’s patented design and hole pattern that allows you to place your pedals where you want, easily, with cable ties. No messy hook and loop fasteners or adhesives, designed to use cable ties that are quick and tight.
  • Easy to hit the pedals in the back row with two levels. The, angled, Top Shelf eliminates toe dancing.
  • Accommodates virtually all power supplies. They mount easily with cable ties under the top shelf, or on the back with no additional parts to buy.
  • Screwed on real rubber feet, keeps your Holeyboard from sliding and your pedals safe from what’s ever on the stage floor.
  • A Light Eco Footprint: Sustainable thinking is at the heart of the Holeyboard, pure in form, pure in function and pure in materials and construction.

Chemistry Design Werks is committed to making the easiest to use, highest precision pedalboards, built proudly in the USA.

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