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Córdoba Guitars Releases the Mini II

Córdoba Guitars Releases the Mini II

The newly designed travel guitar features a 22 7/8” scale length that works with standard tuning.

Santa Monica, CA (May 17, 2018) -- After many years of success with the Mini, Córdoba is pleased to introduce a fresh new take on the travel-size nylon string guitar: the Mini II.

The Córdoba Mini II simplifies impromptu jam sessions thanks to a new scale length that suits Standard E tuning (580mm / 22 7/8”). With a 48mm nut width, its neck will feel like home for crossover players and beginners. When compared to the original Mini, the Mini II is slightly larger, featuring a deeper body and traditional nylon-string tie block on the bridge. The Mini II will be available in three exciting tone-wood options and while some short-scale instruments sound more “ukulele”, the Mini II’s voice skews guitar - warm and full.

The all-mahogany Mini II MH offers a classic tone and the flamed mahogany Mini II FMH is an easy upgrade for those who seek an exotic look and sound. Lastly, the Mini II EB-CE features a spruce top and striped ebony back/sides. It's the most performance-ready option thanks to its built-in pickup and onboard tuner.

Starting at just $129, the Mini II easily fits into a ½ size gig bag and is the perfect travel-friendly nylon-string guitar for any musician!

  • Mini II MH - $180 MSRP • $129 MAP USD
  • Mini II FMH - $250 MSRP • $179 MAP USD
  • MIni II EB-CE - $345 MSRP • $249 MAP USD

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