Four top speaker-emulators from Mesa/Boogie, Two Notes, Boss, and Universal Audio get the PG review-roundup treatment.

Guitarists have searched for ways to capture big amp tones at low volume since time immemorial, or at least for the last few decades. The quest became more urgent during COVID, as many of us needed to carve out sonic space for remote-schooled kids, telecommuting roommates, and housebound neighbors griping about loud music, not just on evenings and weekends, but 24/7.

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Learn to craft workable arrangements on the fly with these simple patterns.



  • Understand the elements that go into a fingerstyle arrangement.
  • Develop your forward and backward banjo rolls.
  • Create space for vocalists as well as other instrumentalists.
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It's great to have polished songs memorized note-for-note and stored neatly in your gigging repertoire, but there's probably just as much value to being able to fly by the seat of your pants and pull an arrangement out of thin air. Knowing the building blocks of fingerstyle guitar is a great way to accomplish this.

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Tetrarch's Diamond Rowe: The Big 5

How the nü-metal mistress learned to stop worrying and love dropping Hammett-inspired Whammy bombs.

A feature-packed phaser that can cop 4- and 8-stage tones.

Paradox Effects reveals this 2021 its most recent artifact – A phase modulator all pass filter based, taking the virtues of the classic effect and adding its own touch; 4 and 8 stages giving each distinct vocal sensations, 'Sendero' mode utilizes an envelope sensitive sample & hold, creating modulation steps with the phasing, conjuring percussive pulses, responsive harmonic rhythms, or simply a dynamic phaser.

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An updated all-in-one setup designed for portabality.

With a Bass Fly Rig, you have an easily transportable solution to getting rich, expressive combinations you can use for any gig --on stage or in the studio, whether it's around the corner or across the pond, whether the backline is top-drawer or bottom shelf. The indispensable, all-analog SansAmp heart is what makes a Tech 21 Fly Rig a true Fly Rig and enables you to go direct to a PA or studio mixers and computer interfaces.

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A leaner, meaner homage to Roland's radical Jet Phaser. The PG MSL Pedals Night Witch review.

Well glued-together fuzz 'n' phase sounds. Enhanced control compared to original Jet Phaser. Independent phase and fuzz operation. Fantastic graphics!

Maybe a touch too much evidence of handcraft for a $300 pedal.


MSL Night Witch


The original Roland Jet Phaser, which combined the 8-stage phaser from their AP-2 with a menacing fuzz/distortion (the circuit from the awesome Roland Bee Baa is a good bet) made a seriously mighty roar. But it wasn't the most flexible pedal in the world. For starters, you could not operate the brawny fuzz independent of the phaser. And while the combined sounds were fantastic, there weren't a ton of ways to fine-tune them apart from a few preset voices, the resonance control, and the jet level, which regulated the gain intensity.

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