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Dr. No Releases the Turd Fuzz

The handmade circuit contains a pair of two NOS transistors.

Eindhoven, Netherlands (February 23, 2017) -- Dr. No Effects tried to be successful in bringing you the shittiest guitar pedal in the world of guitar effects. Unfortunately he partially failed in doing so… The Turd Fuzz is a turd-shaped pedal making it a shitty pedal indeed made of soft foam material, that when stepped on engages the effect, but this soft textured Turd Fuzz pedal houses an excellent fuzz effect. The handmade circuit contains a pair of two NOS transistors that generate this nasty old fashioned fuzz tone, that works very well with guitar and bass guitar.

This Turd Fuzz is a collaboration with friend and artist Peter van Elderen, (Peter Pan Speedrock, Home Steel), who worked together on this smelly collaboration that resulted in this unique awesome-sounding fuzz.

The Turd Fuzz, has one single internal volume potentiometer, that can be tuned with a tiny flat screwdriver. The Turd Fuzz works on a 9v external 2.1mm power-supply.

Also on top of the Turd Fuzz a custom-made fly is added, that functions as a on/off indicator instead of a standard led indicator. The eyes of the fly light up when stepping on to the Turd Fuzz, and engaging the effect.

The Turd Fuzz is fully handmade in Dr. No’s lab from soft Turd enclosure and internal sonic design as well as the custom made and designed Turd Fuzz box.

Watch the company's demo:

Price €209/$221

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