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Dwarfcraft Devices Announces the Reese Lightning and Witch Shifter

The Reese Lightning is a fuzz monster picks up where the Eau Claire Thunder left off.

Dwarfcraft Devices

Eau Claire, WI (June 26, 2018) -- Dwarfcraft Devices just can’t seem to leave the fuzz alone. The Reese Lightning is a powerful fuzz pedal meant for getting heavy. This fuzz monster picks up where the Eau Claire Thunder left off. Brighter and dirtier than its Thunder brother, it boasts many of the same features. The Timewarp toggle omits the clipping diode to give you some octave up artifacts and the Toneblast bypasses the Tone control for added volume and even more tonal options. It couldn’t be related to the Thunder and not have the Feedback switch and tuning knob.

Reese Lightning features include:

  • Volume, Tone, and Gain controls
  • Tunable feedback with a momentary switch
  • Full Wet/Dry blend
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • True bypass soft switching
  • Standard 9v DC center negative power

Reese Lightning will retail for $209 and will start shipping in July 2018.

Watch the Reese Lightning video demo:

Dwarfcraft Devices has returned to the world of magic with the Witch Shifter. This one is the smoothest and cleanest pitch pedals they’ve released so far. Some of the features come straight from the Wizard of Pitch, like the doppler effect created by the Bend toggle and some chaotic pitch jumping. They have also integrated the “DinDin” stomp, freezing the Witch’s audio buffer for glitched out repeats. They offer up some new features too, like the Scatter toggle, which turns the pitch knob into a chaotic pitch modulator, often landing between pitches for unique tortured-tape-machine warbles.

Witch Shifter other features include:

  • Full Wet/Dry blend
  • Expression control over Speed and Pitch
  • Fuzz control that goes from a subtle hiss to wide open distortion
  • Secret Menu with Delay controls
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Relay/true bypass soft switches
  • Standard 9v DC center negative power

Witch Shifter will retail for $249 and will start shipping in August 2018.

Watch the Witch Shifter video demo:

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