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EvenMidi Launches Updated H9 MIDI Controller

The unit comes configured to work with Eventide and Strymon devices.

Villeurbanne, France (January 9, 2018) -- In order to meet user demand, EvenMidi has modified its H9 MIDI controller and added a multitude of features to make it the ultimate MIDI controller for Eventide H9 and even more devices.


  • Two-digit display
  • Control of one to four devices simultaneously or switching from one to the other.
  • Scroll presets or use banks behavior (9 banks of 3 presets = 27 presets)
  • Pre-configured for working with Eventide pedals (H9-Factors) and Strymon (TimeLine, BigSky, Mobius)
  • Can work with any MIDI device working with Program change switching
  • Customization of the targeted devices (e. g. a whammy or an amplifier) in order to be able to change the preset (via PC), bypass it (via PC or CC) and change its parameters (PitchBend, CC) using the knobs or an expression pedal.
  • Customize the 27 presets with the ProgramChange/Bypass/Off/knobs/expression you want for all devices targeted.
  • Limit the number of presets to improve comfort on stage
  • Pots can be turned on/off
  • Fast scrolling presets when holding down footswiches
  • Fast enter/exit to the Looper for the H9/TimeFactor and Timeline devices.
  • New enclosure

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