Fargen Amplification Expands Its Custom Shop

Fargen expands its custom shop with new Hot Mods Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits, and a high-end guitar accessories line.

Sacramento, CA (October 30, 2013) -- Fargen Amplification announced today expansion of its Custom Shop, including new Hot Mods Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits, and a high-end guitar accessories line.

Fargen has designed and performed many amplifier modifications over the past fifteen years, based on much experience with vintage gear design and expertise with the capabilities of modern technology. These mods offer vast improvements over the original circuits. Fargen now offers ten DIY kits and separately, ten transformer sets, providing improvements such as note detail and balance, increased sustain, lower noise floor and smoother overdrive at lower volumes. The kits include replacements for all critical signal path board components, using proprietary Fargen Custom Shop components. “Your amp will sound like an amp that costs three times as much. I’ve incorporated many tonal improvements into these kits which are easy for any do-it-yourselfer to use,” says Ben Fargen founder.

The transformer sets include proprietary transformers by the Fargen Custom Shop and Mercury Magnetics, and provide for a significant upgrade to the heart and soul of any tube amp.

Fargen also introduced its own proprietary Custom Shop accessories line including power cords, speaker cables and instrument cables. All products are built with Evidence Audio cable and where applicable, heavy duty Nuetrik connectors. “These upgrades make a huge improvement to your existing amp, in terms of sustain, note balance and overall frequency response while reducing distortions caused by inferior materials,” says Fargen. “This is top of the line for those players in search of the best tone they can achieve.”

The Fargen Custom Shop also performs in-house Hot Mods for U.S. customers that ship their amps to the company.

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A bone nut being back-filed for proper string placement and correct action height.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to change your acoustic guitar’s tone and playability.

In my early days, all the guitars I played (which all happened to be pre-1950s) used bone nuts and saddles. I took this for granted, and so did my musician friends. With the exception of the ebony nuts on some turn-of-the-century parlors and the occasional use of ivory, the use of bone was a simple fact of our guitar playing lives, and alternative materials were simply uncommon to us.

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