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FM Cables Announces the FM Cables PRO, Silent, and Standard Series Guitar Cables

As a gigging musician, Gray''s aim was to design and manufacture the best shielded guitar cables in the market with the lowest possible capacitance.

United Kingdom (October 10, 2012) – FM Cables today announced the launch of FM Pro Silent and FM Pro Standard Series: a new line of high quality leads for professional musicians. Bass guitarist Ronnie Gray set up FM Cables in early 2012 building on his extensive experience working for a top cable manufacturer in the UK. As a gigging musician, Gray's aim was to design and manufacture the best shielded guitar cables in the market with the lowest possible capacitance. He has achieved his aim and intends to roll out a series of high-end guitar cables for passionate musicians.

“My quest for great sound and quality leads, my background in music and cable manufacture coupled with my passion to move forward in something I truly believe in and the determination to offer an alternative to musicians for high quality at an affordable price has brought me to this point and I am really excited with the result” Ronnie Gray

It is the custom design and attention to detail by FM Cables that ensures the best quality guitar sound from their products: cables are stripped on a precision Swiss-made machine to ensure that the copper wire in the braided screen and the conductors are not marked in any way, thus prolonging the life of the assembly. All flux residues are removed for a clean finish and the 'tip' contact solder joint is covered with a heat-shrink sleeve. The best cable deserves the best plug so top quality Neutrik connectors are fitted for both the FM Standard and FM PRO Silent Series.

FM Cables believe in sourcing only the best quality materials for their instrument cables: the 2-core cable is made from high-grade copper, offering excellent shielding with a hardwearing transparent PVC jacket.

Critical factors for FM Cable guitar cable or other instrument patch cord:
• Low capacitance - prevents high frequencies from being lost.
• Good shield coverage - blocks noise from EMI.
• Physically rugged - because they typically take a lot of abuse.

• Avoid pops and squeals
• Hermetically sealed switching contacts
• Lifetime beyond 10'000 mating cycles
• Slim plug with industry proven and reliable chuck type cable strain relief
• Sleek attractive design for convenient handling and connections
• Rubber overlay on straight housing for best shock-protection and reliability
• L-D versions available which accommodates cable O.D. up to 8 mm

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