The tone woods for the series are naturally air dried, hand selected, and glued at the Markneukirchen factory.

Diablo Supreme

Germany (April 24, 2015) -- "Teambuilt & Made in Germany": this is the motto of new and completely improved Framus German Pro Series. The complete know-how which the Framus Custom Shop has built up over 20 years in Markneukirchen flows into this exciting new series of electric guitars. These instruments are produced in Germany from the finest ingredients and with the best possible production methods, and they are offered at a very attractive price. Only the very best machines in the world are used to carve these extraordinaire guitars.

The tone woods for the German Pro Series are naturally air dried, hand selected, and glued at Framus in Markneukirchen, also the necks, and the complete fret work is manufactured there too. Then all instruments are finished and assembled at a cooperation partner nearby in the region. After completion, all Framus German Pro Series instruments are carefully inspected, flawlessly set up and shipped out from the Markneukirchen production facility.

The new Framus German Pro Series consists of the following models:

  • Diablo Pro
  • Diablo Supreme
  • Panthera Pro
  • Panthera Supreme
  • Mayfield Maple per
  • Mayfield Legacy
  • Phil XG Artist Model


  • High-quality and seasoned wood
  • Framus Invisible Fret Technology
  • Fluorescent Fretboard Side Dots
  • Original TonePros branded Hardware
  • Original Seymour Duncan Pickups (Phil XG: Arcane PX8 humbucker or P90)
  • Graph Tech Ratio machines
  • Graph Tech saddle
  • Factory equipped with coated strings from Cleartone
  • Superior quality workmanship
  • Available in various finishes and colors (depending on model)
  • Lefthand model available at no additional charge
  • Teambuilt & Made in GermanySuperior quality workmanship
  • Available in various finishes and colors (depending on model)
  • Lefthand model available at no additional charge
  • Teambuilt & Made in Germany

All Framus German Pro Series models are shipped from June/July 2015 including an high-quality Rockbass Starline bag.

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A new tool for working on Floyd Rose and tremolo-equipped guitars.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema

There’s way more to it than simply mastering chords and scales.



  • Understand the importance of structure and space within guitar leads.
  • Learn the power and importance of articulation and motivic development.
  • Construct leads that take the listener on a journey.
{'media': '[rebelmouse-document-pdf 17933 original_filename="MelodicSolos-Jan20.pdf" site_id=20368559]', 'media_html': 'MelodicSolos-Jan20.pdf', 'id': 17933, 'type': 'pdf', 'file_original_url': ''}
Take a moment and think of your favorite guitar solo. Can you hear it in your head, note-for-note perfect as if you were listening to the track itself? I’m willing to bet the answer is yes. Indelible guitar solos tend to get lodged in your brain that way. Every practicing guitarist not only strives to play these solos as well as the guitar heroes who composed them, but we all long to craft such a brilliant lead ourselves. The million-dollar question is: Where do you begin when attempting to play the next great, iconic solo? The next “Stairway to Heaven” or “Kid Charlemagne” or “Hotel California”?
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There’s just something about the grit on those repeats.…

There’s definitely a place for those pristine, perfect digital delay units, but when you need to hear a bit of degradation on the repeats there’s only one way to go. Here’s a look at 10 different analog boxes that range from simple and funky to expansive and weird.

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