Fuchs Audio Expands Plush FX Pedal Line With the Blues Flame, Phone Tone, and Double Plush

The Phone Tone is a simple pedal designed to emulate the telephone filter found in vintage studio gear.

Clifton, NJ (January 21, 2014) -- Fuchs Audio Technology is proud to introduce 3 new additions to its Plush FX Pedal line at the 2014 NAMM Show:

The “Blues Flame” is a blues voiced overdrive which features a smooth overdrive with plenty of adjustable gain on tap, high mid and low tone controls and a master volume. It cleans up well from the guitar, is extremely touch sensitive and designed for maximum sustain and note bloom. The circuit design features a low noise discrete FET front end and an output stage designed like a miniature power amplifier to provide amp-like feel and reaction to most subtle of picking and volume changes. $189.00 MAP

The “Phone Tone” is a simple pedal designed in cooperation with B.C. Kochmit of Eye Empire, to emulate the telephone filter found in vintage studio gear as well as in many studio plug-ins while on stage. While primarily made for guitar, the pedal can be patched through an insert point on a mixing console to use this effect on vocals or other instruments. The pedal is unity gain with a sharp filter slope, extremely low noise, and coloration. $179.00 MAP

“Double Plush” puts two fully independent channels of one of our most popular overdrive pedals under one high performance hood. Channel one has been tweaked for more gain and a more aggressive overdrive, while channel two is based on the highly successful original “Plush Drive” voicing. Premium parts, true bypass, and hand wiring make it sound as great as it looks! $ 249.00 MAP.

Like all Plush pedals, these pedals feature true-bypass, feature premium components and construction techniques optimized for the best tone and lowest noise. They feature battery or external power and all have five year warranty.

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