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GALLERY: 2014 NAMM Day 2

Check out the latest and greatest gear from the second day of the 2014 Winter NAMM show.


Jim Dunlop Guitar Products brought several smokin' pedals to NAMM. MXR's Phase 99 pairs two Phase 90 circuits that can be sync'd or run in series or parallel, and in "script" or "block" modes. The MXR Micro Amp+ offers 26 dB of gain and super-interactive bass and treble knobs. The redesigned Way Huge Swollen Pickle features a smaller chassis and custom graphics, and puts controls that were previously internal on the top of the unit. MXR's La Machina is a Foxx Tone Machine-style fuzz, and the Uni-Vibe is back in a smaller enclosure with dual modes. The Echoplex pedal features a preamp styled after the front end of a vintage EP-1, and the new Cry Baby CM-95 Clyde McCoy features a halo inductor for warm, rounded vintage tones.