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GALLERY: Gear of the Month 2012

See all 12 unique instruments featured as Gear of the Month in 2012.

January: 1969 G&L Leo Fender Tri-Sonic Prototype
"The beaten and battered Tri-Sonic (nicknamed Grandpa) has a one-piece ash body that was originally routed for two Z-coil pickupsяwhich were eventually implemented on the ASAT Z-3яand one of Leoуs prototype trems. The back of the guitar has a battery pocket (perhaps active electronics were in the works) and the beginnings of a B-Bender slot. Currie made a maple neck at G&L, but it broke during a gig at Alуs Bar in 1993 so he made the current maple neckяcurrently on its third refretяat Tak Hosonoуs shop (Hosono now oversees the Ibanez Custom Shop). Other parts implemented on the guitar are CTS pots, nickel Kluson tuners, and a single-ply pickguard. Right now the guitar is loaded with three Amalfitano vintage-voiced alnico 2 singlecoils, and Currie says it plays and records better than any guitar heуs ever had or heard."