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GALLERY: Gear of the Month 2012

See all 12 unique instruments featured as Gear of the Month in 2012.

April: Elvis Presley's 1975 Martin D-28
"There was a diagonal break from the nut to the back of the neck. Peters said this made the instrument structurally unstable and was the main reason EPE asked the MIM to perform guitar surgery. Other big issues included several open splits on the guitarуs top and sides. Additionally, the pickguard had curled up around its edges because of the adhesive used during a previous repair, which was also partially smeared over the pickguard. While all these repairs were done to restore the guitar to prime-time working condition, Peters and the MIM did leave the wear-and-tear marks and dings on the guitarуs back. She felt this was appropriate because the marks retain some of the guitarуs character and charm, especially since they are a direct result of Elvisу onstage showmanship and his у70s garb, which usually included large, rhinestone-encrusted belts. The other area of wear that was left intact is the back of the neck near the headstock. The exposed wood there came as a result of Presleyуs guitar strap repeatedly slipping down the neck during performances and rubbing away the finish. "