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GALLERY: Gear of the Month 2012

See all 12 unique instruments featured as Gear of the Month in 2012.

February: 1976 Fender Starcaster
"The guitarуs controls include a 3-way pickup selector, a tone and volume knob for each pickup, and a master volume. The Starcaster shown here has a natural finishяother choices available were black, blonde, tobacco sunburst, walnut, and white. This particular Fender model was the only non-Telecaster model to feature the Seth Lover-designed Wide Range humbuckers. These pickupsяoriginally used from у71пу79 in Telecaster Deluxes, Thinlines, and Customsяare described as having a fat, distinctive tone with a little more detail and clarity than the famous PAF pickups Lover designed for Gibson. While Fender didnуt lure away too many ES purists with the short-lived Starcasterяthe guitar was only manufactured from 1976п1980яit did eventually find favor with indie guitarists like Radioheadуs Jonny Greenwood, Phishуs Trey Anastasio (who plays a custom Langeudoc designed after the Starcaster), The Killersу Dave Keuning (who uses one in the bandуs videos for рFor Reasons Unknownс and рHumanс), and Arctic Monkeysу Jamie Cook (who rocks one during the video for рCrying Lightningс). "