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Gallery: Bonnaroo 2017—U2’s Epic First U.S. Festival Headline Performance

The Edge’s guitar playing blew our brains out. Besides that, here’s a glimpse of who played what on the farm, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Royal Blood, Kaleo, Umphrey’s McGee, and others in between.


To see U2 and the Edge live was a rare joy: a classic quartet with a wall of sound—tight, loud, on key, and possessing a palpable synergy. Edge kept it simple on a Tele for “Vertigo,” but he changed guitars tastefully and often during U2’s Bonnaroo performance, playing at least three different Strats, a Les Paul Custom, a 1976 Gibson Explorer, and a 1966 cherry Gibson SG.

Favorite Edge tone of the night: his overdriven crunch through an SG during “Elevation” in the below video, starting at 5:35.