See each show''s guitar and bass rigs up close and personal in photos.

"Minor bases his instrument choices on the show's set, but generally sticks to one bass per night. He has three Sadowsky J-style basses (pictured), one Sadowsky P-style, and one Sadowsky 5-string, as well as 4-, 5-, and 6-string Ken Smith basses, and a у68 Gretsch 6071. He goes direct to the PA through either an A-Designs REDDI tube DI or a Demeter tube preamp. He uses only a Boss FV-500 volume pedal and a Lehle 3@1 switcher on the floor. "



  • Develop a better sense of subdivisions.
  • Understand how to play "over the bar line."
  • Learn to target chord tones in a 12-bar blues.
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Playing in the pocket is the most important thing in music. Just think about how we talk about great music: It's "grooving" or "swinging" or "rocking." Nobody ever says, "I really enjoyed their use of inverted suspended triads," or "their application of large-interval pentatonic sequences was fascinating." So, whether you're playing live or recording, time is everyone's responsibility, and you must develop your ability to play in the pocket.
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We've reviewed a ton of cool gear over the past 12 months, but these stood above the rest and won our coveted Premier Gear Award.

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