All 12 axes featured as Guitar of the Month in 2011.

"After returning from a recent tour with his band With the Punches, guitarist Dustin Wallace acknowledged that his old knockoff Les Paul was on its last legs, so he took to eBay and Craigslist in search of a replacement. Doing so, he remembered hearing about a designer named Leah Culver who needed a new laptop and had companies buy advertising space on the computerуs lid to cover her expenses. In an effort to avoid the corporate route and stay in line with his bandуs DIY ethos, Wallace decided to see if he could get a similar type of response using his Tumblr account. рI wanted this to be something personal between me and the friends, family, and fans who donated,с says Wallace. рAfter getting a $1500 quote for the Warmoth guitar parts and laser engraving I wanted, I figured I could comfortably fit 100 namesяat $15 a pieceяon the top of the guitar without running into a major issue.с As for the guitar itself, itуs a left-handed, Les Paul-style single-cut with a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge position. The guitarуs top, body, neck, and fretboard are all made of maple, making this axe weigh a back-busting 12 pounds. "