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GALLERY: NAMM 2018 Day 3

The third day of NAMM was full of tone toys from Boss, Marshall, Vola, Marshall, Diamond Pedals, and more.

Terry Audio

Terry Audio White Rabbit

Terry Audio's White Rabbit has been one of the real finds here at NAMM 2018. It's a deceivingly simple looking console-style preamp and boost. But the audible transformations to guitar tone are substantial and impressive--delivering the same kind of beautiful tone massage and enhancement you get from vintage board and tape preamps with the range for even more muscle, clarity, and air. The drive tones you get from the boost channel and at the top end of the preamp character control is awesome too--a really lovely, organic crunch that, like everything else this pedal does, feels like a perfect handshake between guitar and amp. On top of everything else it's beautifully built under the hood, which makes the steep-looking $275 price tag quite fair indeed.