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GALLERY: NAMM 2018 Day 4

Check out the final day's roundup of gear, including the newest stuff from Abasi Guitars, Blackstar, Two-Rock, J. Rockett Audio, Kauer Guitars, and more.


Fender Parallel Universe Jaguar Stratocaster

Of all the new Fender Parallel Universe instruments that hit at NAMM 2018, the Jaguar Stratocaster is the most visually radical. But after a turn playing it you can tell there's a lot of real practical upside to the design. The Johnny Marr Jaguar-influenced switching is brilliant if you dig The Jaguar's tone possibilities. And the vibrato feels like a great match for the slender dimensions of the Stratocaster body. The neck is fast and feels fantastic. In short, it's a great playing guitar that feels ripe with expressive potential. Hoping to spend a lot more time with this odd but awesome model.