Guitarists from around the globe give us tours of their stomping grounds.

Vince McLaughlin: GAS Gifts
Christmas was good to Vince McLaughlin, and his GAS just keeps on giving. He started early by grabbing a two TC Electronic stomps in November—the PolyTune 2 and the Hall of Fame Reverb. “I had the Pedaltrain Mini on my Christmas list as well as the TC Electronic Corona Chorus, and they both arrived under my tree from my awesome in-laws,” Vince says. But, he also really wanted the TC Electronic Mini Flashback Delay. “Having intentions to get the full size, I went on Boxing Day to my local music store only to find the mini version,” he explains. “The mini version is a blessing because I wouldn’t have room for the full-sized guy.” The Dunlop Cry Baby Wah was a gift from his brother earlier in the year. Rounding out the setup is an ISP Decimator 2 and his Mesa/Boogie footswitch for his amp. Powering everything is the Visual Sound 1Spot.

Checking out the stomps of our fellow players never gets old—there’s so much self-expression in the way individuals assemble their boards. From classic effects deployed in imaginative ways to impressive loop schemes and a vast menagerie of hip boutique boxes, thanks for the ongoing inspiration, readers!

Diatonic sequences are powerful tools. Here’s how to use them wisely.



• Understand how to map out the neck in seven positions.
• Learn to combine legato and picking to create long phrases.
• Develop a smooth attack—even at high speeds.

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Knowing how to function in different keys is crucial to improvising in any context. One path to fretboard mastery is learning how to move through positions across the neck. Even something as simple as a three-note-per-string major scale can offer loads of options when it’s time to step up and rip. I’m going to outline seven technical sequences, each one focusing on a position of a diatonic major scale. This should provide a fun workout for the fingers and hopefully inspire a few licks of your own.
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Johnny Winter's Burning Blues by Corey Congilio

Learn to rip like one of the all-time masters of modern electric blues.

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