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GALLERY: Riot Fest 2016

See what guitars and basses the punks, metalheads, and hardcore rockers used during the Windy City’s other 3-day festival.


Meat Puppets’ Cris Kirkwood

Wasting no time or energy, the band’s low-end anchor relied on his custom-built P-bass copy that was built by “Guitar Dog” aka James Knopp. Here’s what Kirkwood said of the 4-string: “It features a fake Fender Precision body with a real P-bass maple neck, a Badass bridge, and Seymour Duncan Performer pickups. The main thing I asked for in the development of this guitar was that it be lightweight—as plenty of the basses I've played over the years have tended to be on the somewhat hefty side—because I've become old and broke down. Thankfully the bass sounds great and is very versatile tone-wise, and it adapts well to the variety of vibes that the band touches on during performances.”