See close-ups of all of the gear used by Roger, Dave, G.E., and Snowy on this epic tour, plus behind-the-scenes pics of the wall setup.

"In the guitar boat is an all-original 1951 Fender P-bass used for more song-oriented parts, a Fender fretless bass with Seymour Duncan pickups for ""Hey You,"" a 1962 ES-335 that he's used throughout his career and is stock other than a refret, a ""parts"" Tele (with a '63 body and pickups, '68 neck, and an Epiphone mini-humbucker set closer to the bridge for a nasty in-between sound used for slide), and a prototype and production models of his Fender G.E. Smith Signature Telecaster. Not pictured is a stock black Fender Precision Bass used for front-of-stage songs, where all of the instruments must be black."