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GALLERY: Shaky Knees 2016

Situated in the heart of downtown Atlanta, this three-day festival included acts like the Kills, My Morning Jacket, Eagles of Death Metal, Deftones, At the Drive-In, Explosions in the Sky, and more.


The Kills’ Jamie Hince

The main guitar vigilante of the Kills roars back at the crowd during the band’s Friday night set. Here, Hince is using his a Hofner Galaxie model for “U.R.A. Fever.” During our recent Rig Rundown, Hince spoke about his love—especially their pickups—for the Galaxie and 176 models: “They’re just the greatest pickups I’ve ever heard,” says Hince. “I like a really clear, clean sound that’s just loud—kind of distorting because it’s so loud.” Hince now puts Bigsbys on all of his guitars to help with hand dexterity after an accident impaired the middle finger of his fretting hand.