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Pro Pedalboards 2018

Ten of the most intriguing stomp stations from our last year of Rig Rundowns, including Warpaint, Mr. Big, J Mascis, the Fall of Troy, Eric Gales, Silversun Pickups' Nikki Monninger, and Primus' Larry LaLonde.


Warpaint's Emily Kokal

When she lost her pedalboard on the road in Iceland a while back, Warpaint vocalist/co-guitarist Emily Kokal had to quickly cobble together a replacement board to finish the tour. When she got time to prepare for the quartet's current tour, Kokal took the best of both of those setups for her stomp cache. Her '66 Fender Jaguar's signal first hits a Boss TU-2 tuner and then goes into an Ibanez TS808DX Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro Deluxe, an Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano, a TC Electronic Corona, an Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Nano, a Strymon El Capistan, and a Boss DD-7 digital delay. A Voodoo Lab Pedal Power sits underneath the board.