A solidly built, dual-mode stomp that packs explosive dB levels and corpulent fuzz into a tiny box.

The Little Fuzzy Drive packs a lot into its board-friendly package: A fat-/regular-mode toggle, a standard-sized gain knob, and mini pots for volume and tone—and there’s still space for a 9V battery. There’s a ton of dB and op-amp-driven fuzz on tap, too. Even at lower fuzz settings, unity gain is just a tad above the volume knob’s minimum setting. Fat mode adds a gritty midrange bump, and the tone control can add a lot of clarity in its upper throw.

If you like spitty, semi-unpredictable fuzz, LFD might feel a bit conventional, but classic rockers will dig the bristling articulation at low- to medium-gain settings, and wailers will appreciate the quasi-octave effect and endlessly sustaining, classic-metal mayhem at higher gain settings. Lots of in-between flavors, and even a little fizz, are available via your guitar’s volume knob. The LFD is really responsive to dynamics, too, provided the gain isn’t too raging.

Test Gear: Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Telecaster with Nordstrand NVT A3 pickups, Schecter PT Fastback II B, Jaguar HC50 and Goodsell Valpreaux 21 amps


Lots of flexibility in a compact box. Excellent clarity at moderate settings.

Leans toward the conventional end of the fuzz spectrum.


EWS Little Fuzzy Drive


Ease of Use:



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