This rock-solid boost offers more than its one-knob setup might suggest.

It’s easy to dismiss one-knob wonders due to a perceived lack of bells and whistles. I’ve been guilty of that before, but LunaStone’s the Pusher is a devastatingly beautiful clean boost that is bound to shatter some expectations. One big question when it comes to a boost pedal is if it simply ups the volume or adds some extra gain, too. My preference is always for a straight volume boost, and the Pusher understands that. It gets me. With the knob at noon, it gives a healthy bump without infringing on the tone of my amp or the job of its neighboring dirt pedals.

It also found use as an “always-on” pedal at the front of my board. The increased signal breathed some tonal life into my Strymon Mobius (especially on the filter mode) and my Truetone Route 66. An extra little signal boost helps even out the various gain stages and gives more power to my guitar’s volume knob—a sorely underused tool. At less than a Benjamin, the Pusher is very affordable, doesn’t under-deliver, and, most important, doesn’t get in the way.

Test gear: Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez SZ320, Fender Hot Rod DeVille ML


A true clean boost. Plenty of power. Very quiet.

No battery option. Not enough gain for some players.


LunaStone Pedals The Pusher


Ease of Use:



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