TC Electronic adds the RS410 Bass Cabinet to their popular Bass Amplifier Line

Frankfurt, Germany (April 6, 2009) -- TC Electronic has announced the addition of the RS410 cabinet to the revolutionary RH450 bass amplifier and RS range of cabinets. 

The RS410 is an 8 Ohm, 600W, 4 x 10” cabinet that can be used both on stage and in the studio. It represents the third product in the RS cabinet range and was designed to fit perfectly into the stacking system of the existing cabinets.

As with all of the cabinets in RS range, the drivers are custom made by US-based Eminence. TC Electronic says the adjustable center HF driver ensures optimal response and brightness, and overlaps the frequency response of the 4 x 10” drivers to give added presence in the high/mid sweetspot.

The RS410 can be stacked in two ways. Turning it on its side allows perfect stacking with RS212 and RS210. With the addition of the RS410, the RH450 is now capable of driving three RS cabs, which allows players the ability to mix and match from the range of three cabinets in order to find their desired response and tone. TC Electronic says that using a combination of RS cabs allows maximum flexibility ranging from, for example, RS212 and RS210 in a vertical stack for small to medium size gigs, or RS212, RS410 and RS210 for the bigger gigs. The conventional stacking of two RS410 units will allow a 4 Ohm configuration of 8 x 10” drivers perfect for a large stage setup.

The RS cabinet range has a rugged design with an anti-scratch finish. The anti-skid surface treatment prevents cabinets from sliding when stacked. Additionally, the RS410 features two Speakon connectors and an HF attenuator on the rear side. 

The RS410 retails at $1,245 USD and will ship June 2009.

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