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Rig Rundown: AC/DC

Angus and Stevie Young might have the simplest rigs in rock—SGs and Gretsches into Marshalls—but their techs explain the nuances that help these Aussies get their signature snarl.

Angus has been a longtime wireless user and he started with the Schaffer-Vega Diversity System in the late ’70s. The original units built by Ken Schaffer included a preamp to boost the signal loss from the wireless creating a slight boost or coloration of the tone that pleased Angus. This is the first tour that he’s using the new Schaffer Replica Tower that was recreated by AC/DC fanatic Fil Olivieri who owns and operates SoloDallas. Trace describes its impact as “holding everything together since we’re running nine different amps and sending signals everywhere. We’re able to dial in just a touch of fizz to give the sustain Angus wants and needs.” The only other item in his rack is a Rocktron Hush pedal that helps keep the cranked amps under control.

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