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Rig Rundown: Cory Branan

The Memphis honky-tonkin’, Tele-twangin’ songster reveals his beefed-up guitarsenal with 6-string stalwarts, a custom 3rd Power combo, and a stockpile of stomps.

Cory Branan9

Just like change of a season, Cory’s board is always fluctuating. His current pedal lineup includes an unknown Klone, a Benson Preamp, a Lumpy’s Tone Shop 7 Series Overdrive (company is now called Electric Majik), a pair of Blackstrap Electrik fuzzes—an angry custom 3-knober and a Red Sam MkI Tone Bender (both off board but in chain), and a Prescription Electronics C.O.B. (Clean Octave Blend). Off the board he has a Dunlop DVP3 Volume Pedal, an Analog Man Buffer cleans the signal, a TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini keeps his guitars in check, a Strymon Zuma juices the stomps, and the Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System gets everything on the same page.

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