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Rig Rundown - Lindsey Buckingham

PG Jason Shadrick is on location checking out the gear that Lindsey Buckingham brings out on the road, including his #1 Turner Model One that he has used since the '70s.

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Lindsey still brings out his #1 Turner Model One that he has used since the '70s (pictured), as well as two other Model Ones set up with different tunings, and backups for each. On the back of the guitar is a control to adjust the angle of the pickup, which is adjusted to the sweet spot then set. He uses Taylor 814 acoustics with Fishman Prefix electronics, as well as Renaissance nylon-strings, both baritone and regular, with Roland GK pickups to trigger a synth that he wasn't using on this tour. All of his guitars are tuned slightly differently (as detailed in the video), and each is set up for a song or songs with a specific strap length depending upon the difficulty of the song.

Amps and Effects
Buckingham's backline is separated into three different signal paths: acoustic, electric, and nylon. For his acoustic sound, he uses a pair of SWR California Blonde amps with an extension cab. The two Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Trem-O-Verbs are routed through a 2x12 cabinet for this electric sound. The Trace Elliot and Fishman amps power his nylon/synth sound.

He uses minimal effects, just a Boss SD-1 and Boss DD-3 Delay for his electric rig and a Boss DD-3 delay and Boss RC-30 looper with background vocals and a little bit of guitar for a few acoustic songs. For nylon-string, he uses chorus and reverb from the amps.