A high-performance gel adhesive suited for a wide variety of repair and build applications.


River Vale, NJ (October 30, 2018) -- GluBoost has added two new items to its line of professional quality guitar products: MasterGel Ultra adhesive and Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula Black. These two new innovations offer reliable, easy-to-use options for a broad range of projects. They join GluBoost’s suite of best-in-class woodworking and repair solutions.

MasterGel Ultra: An outstanding, high-performance gel adhesive perfectly suited for a wide variety of repair and build applications. MasterGel Ultra is so sticky it clings to vertical surfaces with absolutely no run off – and it offers superior gap filling capability up to .01” with amazing durability and strength. MasterGel Ultra works beautifully with GluBoost GluDry Accelerator. And it won't penetrate so it’s just great for rosettes and soft wood work! Available in a large 20 gram easy-to-handle metal tube with included clog resistant tips for controlled application.

See the MasterGel Ultra demo video here:

Fill n' Finish Pro Formula Black: This new product delivers the same great flexibility and resilience that all the Fill n Finish formulas enjoy – now finally available in black! Ideal for all of your wood builds, inlay work and marquetry. Fill n’ Finish Black reliably fills pores and gaps, will vanquish cracks, dings and dents. Perfect for your quick repairs and restorations. Plus, it’s carcinogen free! Packaged in our famous 2 oz. pin in tip bottle with 2 extender and 2 whip tips.

MasterGel Ultra pricing is $18. Fill n' Finish Pro Formula Black pricing is $18. Both products are available for purchase at the GluBoost site: www.gluboost.com.

See the Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula demo video here:

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