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Göldo Music Announces the HandBender

Göldo Music Announces the HandBender

A B-Bender for guitars with a T-style bridge.

Germany (March 26, 2018) -- New in Göldo Music's distribution program is the HandBender, an ingenious B-Bender made in Sweden for a guitar with T-style bridge. The installation of the HandBender is very easy. It is placed on the rear edge of the bridge and fixed there with a screw. The conversion is completed in less than five minutes, because no work on the guitar body or bridge is necessary.

The solid built and noble looking HandBender is preferably played with the small or ring finger of the right hand. In this way, the sought after pedal steel-typical sounds, in which e.g. a single string is pulled up one whole note within a chord, are also possible on a usual electric guitar.

B-Bending has never been so effective, so stylish and at the same time so easy to realize! The HandBender is now available in specialist shops for approx. 270 € (MSRP).

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