Grindstone Audio Solutions Debuts Nightshade Overdrive and Reveal Boost Pedals

Both pedals are enhanced by the addition of TeaserMode switching.

Columbus, OH (March 14, 2017) -- Grindstone Audio Solutions has introduced the all-analog-signal-path, microprocessor-controlled Nightshade Overdrive and Reveal Boost. Both pedals feature a rock-solid custom enclosure, versatile circuitry, and the company’s unique TeaserMode switching. The Nightshade is a versatile overdrive with a broad range of both tone and gain. Fans of overdrive tones that go from “a little hairy” to “thick and chewy” will appreciate the possibilities in this black and silver brushed aluminum box. It’s burgundy brethren, the Reveal, is a single-knob boost with an impressive 28dB of gain and a subtle character that compliments most guitar and amp combinations.

Both pedals are enhanced by the addition of TeaserMode switching; Grindstone’s system by which the single footswitch operates as both latching (traditional on/off) and momentary (on when pressed). The player determines how it operates based upon how long the switch is pressed. Switch it on and off normally, or press and hold for momentary operation.

Throughout the development process, Grindstone sent both pedals to touring professionals and session guitarists around the country for field testing. The feedback provided by these players went into refining the audio circuit and the physical construction of the pedals, resulting in finished products that look as robust and reliable as they perform.

"In the cluttered pedal world, Grindstone's are top grade standouts. The Reveal is a mainstay on my pedalboard." - Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow)

"Once in a while, new pedals come along that just sound and feel 'right' when you turn them on. The Reveal and the Nightshade are absolutely that way." - Rob McNelley (Nashville Session Ace, ACM Guitar Player of the Year, and guitarist with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band)

Currently, Grindstone Audio Solutions’ products are available exclusively through their website. Expect to see them in traditional retail outlets later this year.

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