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JHS Pedals Unveils the Emperor

JHS Pedals Unveils the Emperor

A true analog chorus and pitch vibrato with tap tempo, waveform selection, and rotary speaker simulation.

Kansas City, MO (October 2, 2014) -- JHS Pedals is proud to release a new pedal October 7th, 2014 and it will be available in quantity at authorized Dealers worldwide. The Emperor is a true analog chorus and pitch vibrato with tap tempo, waveform selection, rotary speaker simulation, true stereo output and more. The signal path is 100% analog. Starting with the coveted vintage Arion SCH-1 chorus topology, the Emperor's design and engineering expands further into new heights of what real bucket brigade tones (via a 3207 chipset) can offer. The end result allows you to have a host of vintage modulation tones at your disposal with the amenities and modern flair that JHS Pedals offers. From vintage Boss VB-2, CE-2, CE-1, as well as the legendary and rare SCH-1, the Emperor lets you explore true analog modulation at it’s best.


  • 100% analog signal path
  • True Stereo Out (via optional TRS Splitter cable)
  • Volume, Tone, Speed, and Depth controls
  • Chorus or Vibrato modes
  • 3-way waveform selection (Sine, Square, or Triangle)
  • On-board Tap Tempo that is accurate and won't fall off the tempo
  • Control the Speed via any TRS Expression pedal for rotary speaker simulation
  • Option to control Speed with an external Tap Tempo pedal
  • Slave another tap based pedal using the Emperor Tap Output jack
  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass switching (you choose)
  • Top mounted Input/Output Jacks
  • Standard DC Negative 9v power, 100mA consumption

MAP: $299

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