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John Coltrane’s Undeniable Improvisations Nov. '20 Ex. 9

Weezer announces an extensive North American tour in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Blue Album. They will be joined by The Flaming Lips and Dinosaur Jr. as support.

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Photo by Gene Kirkland

The first single “Killing Floor" features Brian Johnson of AC/DC on vocals, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith on harmonica.

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Steve Albini in the control room at his Electrical Audio studio in Chicago.

Photo by Kevin Tiongson

Words of wisdom from the legendary engineer, proprietor of Chicago’s Electrical Audio, World Series of Poker champion, and, in the band Shellac, the compass for brutal guitar aesthetics.

“All day every day, we’re grinding it out,” says engineer Steve Albini of his team at Electrical Audio, the Chicago studio he built and has run since 1997. “We’re constantly in session, constantly under fire.”

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