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Keatona Introduces JWK Instrument Interface

Keatona Introduces JWK Instrument Interface

Keatona releases the JWK instrument interface.

Las Vegas, NV (August, 6, 2013) -- Keatona announces the introduction of the JWK instrument interface.

The JWK instrument interface system is intended for use by professional musicians requiring the highest quality electronic performance and rugged physical construction for demanding stage and studio environments.

The JWK system is modular, consisting of a two rack unit steel frame which can contain two identical back panel mounted universal linear power supplies for fail-safe operation and five front panel mounted modules.

All module circuitry is constructed on military-grade printed circuit boards with ground planes mounted to white translucent acrylic panels that are back-lit with multiple PCB-mounted LED’s. The back-lighting is capable of being turned off globally via a back panel switch. Each module may contain common or different colored LED’s and each system may be configured with common or different colored LED’s per the user’s specification.


  • Preamp – “Pristine Performance Design” Low noise, high gain circuitry using premium grade components accommodating a wide range of input signal levels via unique “Z-PAD” variable impedance control. Features 0 – 100% Rotary Gain Control and illuminated global MUTE pushbutton.
  • Dual FX Link - permits comparison or redundancy of two external processing chains.
  • Dual Headset Monitor – Features two separate one-watt power amplifiers monitoring either FX buss A or B for use with headphones or tuners.
  • Three Channel Line Driver – Provides three separate balanced, high-level, low-impedance outputs switchable between FX busses A and B, each with a rotary 0 – 100% level control.
  • Blank Module – May be imprinted with a tour or artist insignia.

Each JWK system is comprised of hand-built circuit boards which are mounted to each modules acrylic front panel and configured according to the user’s unique requirements. Delivery is between 3 and 6 weeks after receipt of order. All modules and systems are thoroughly tested prior to shipment with both lab-grade test equipment and trained ears.

Pricing information: $1,875, including heavy-duty portable road case.

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